The origin of Sanstream

A long time ago (1983, to be precise), somewhere the wilds of Germany, a wild array of creatures of all shapes and sizes came together for a midnight gathering. At this event a lightning bolt, an unicorn and a dragon met each other. Although these three very different souls, who seemed to have not to have anything in common, somehow hit it off. Thoughts were formed, opinions were given and joy was shared. That night a beautiful friendship was born.

None of them realised that their profound fondness of each other would spark something new and never before seen. In a moment of intense mutual laughter sparks flew of them into the air. Without them even noticing they curled up and formed a fiery orange-tinted bolt of energy. As a side-effect of the fellowship's magical properties it was also blessed with a curious sense of purpose.

Without knowing where to go it veered of into the world. A journey, without a clear destination.

The bolt felt attracted to a little life that was not fully grown and not part of the world yet. It was clear, to the bolt, that this little thing was as odd like itself and felt a immediate connection. A kinship of mutual happy craziness. Without hesitation it zipped straight into the little mind. In there, happily together, they formed their silly synergy and the first sense of a giggle appeared.