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Curriculum Vitea

My name is Sanne Peters and, although I work in Eindhoven, I live in Venray (the Netherlands, Europe), because I like to live in the countryside.

My hobbies involve reading, philosophy, making and enjoying art, coding, eating fancy food (I am a full on foodie) and scuplting trees until they become bonsai. Most of what I do in my spare time ends up on my website: sanstream.nlthis website.

I am bilingual in Dutch and English and speak both since childhood. I speak and write both really well and as a result my accent is a bit all over the place. My Dutch has a non-specific southern tone to it and the English one is a wonderful mix of Southern-English, Ausie and hints of Canadian. In general people have no clue where I am from (I am from the Netherlands, by the way).

I have a background in Data-Science and more specifically Bio-Informatics (graduated in 2008, from the HAN unversity in Nijmegen). I quickly learned that doing science did not work for me. I figured out that in my core I am more of a Builder than a Discoverer. So I moved into Design and Programming (front-end development) and grew into the wonderful front-end flower I am today.

I cannot drive a car. I only travel by public transportation and bicycle. This gives me plenty of time for reading and sketching.

Besides all that, I am also active online on Github and Twitter .


Instead of just summarising my skills and expertises I visualised them using circles. so they can be scanned and reviewed quickly. Each circle size and color represents the following skill-levels:

  • 1 = Familiar with it, but it has been a while.
  • 2 = Have worked with it, in the past.
  • 3 = Fairly experienced in it.
  • 4 = Good at it.
  • 5 = Excellent at it.

Work processes and management

As a team lead I am about 20% of my time busy with organising tasks and structuring work processes for my team. Most of them focus either on common ways of working, writing effective documentation and mentoring. At the basis of all of these I believe everything is about clear communication. Due to the technical nature of my work a lot of these skills are technical too.

GIT-flow: 3GIT-flow: 3 GIT-flow Automated testing: 3Automated testing: 3 Automated testing Linting: 4Linting: 4 Linting GIT: 4GIT: 4 GIT SVN: 1SVN: 1 SVN Design Systems: 5Design Systems: 5 Design Systems Client relations: 2Client relations: 2 Client relations Motivating: 3Motivating: 3 Motivating Delegating: 3Delegating: 3 Delegating Mentoring: 5Mentoring: 5 Mentoring Writing documentation: 5Writing documentation: 5 Writing documentation Planning: 4Planning: 4 Planning

Design concepts and methods

Even though most of my work is in programming, I often do some work in the design stage of creating applications and tools. In this I specialise in information design (displaying information in the most effective way), which directly relates to data visualisation.

Design Systems: 5Design Systems: 5 Design Systems Information architecture: 2Information architecture: 2 Information architecture Content management: 2Content management: 2 Content management Technical communication: 5Technical communication: 5 Technical communication Data Visualisation: 5Data Visualisation: 5 Data Visualisation Design Research: 1Design Research: 1 Design Research Graphic design: 3Graphic design: 3 Graphic design Interaction design: 3Interaction design: 3 Interaction design A11y: 3A11y: 3 A11y

Frontend technologies and programming

Frontend technologies refer the technologies and techniques for building websites. The frontend is comprised out of three basic technologies, the mark-up (HTML5 and/or SVG), layout + styling (CSS) and logic (JavaScript). All other frontend technologies are built upon these.

Angular: 1Angular: 1 Angular WebGL: 3WebGL: 3 WebGL GraphQL: 3GraphQL: 3 GraphQL React: 4React: 4 React D3: 5D3: 5 D3 Vuex: 5Vuex: 5 Vuex Vue: 5Vue: 5 Vue ES6 JavaScript: 4ES6 JavaScript: 4 ES6 JavaScript LESS: 1LESS: 1 LESS SASS: 4SASS: 4 SASS CSS3: 5CSS3: 5 CSS3 SVG: 5SVG: 5 SVG A11y: 3A11y: 3 A11y HTML5: 5HTML5: 5 HTML5

Please visit my website: www.sanstream.nl/cv to get a more interactive version of this CV.