About me / CV


My name is Sanne Peters and allthough, I work in Eindhoven, I life in Venray (the Netherlands, Europe), because I like to live in the countryside.

My hobbies involve reading, philosophy, making and enjoying art, coding, eating fancy food (I am a full on foodie). Most of what I do in my spare time somehow ends up on this website.

I am bilingual in Dutch and English. I speak and write both fluently, but my accent is a bit all over the place. My Dutch has a non-specific southren tone to it and the English one is a wonderful mix of Southern-English, Ausie and hints of Canadian. In general people have no clue where I am from (I am from the Netherlands, by the way).

I have a background in Data-Science and more specifically Bio-Informatics, but I quickly learned that doing science was not really my jam. I realised that in my core I am more of a Builder than a Discoverer. From that I moved into Design and Programming and grew into the wonderful front-end flower I am today.

I travel solely by public transportation and do not drive a car. The reason for that is that I have Autism which limits my ability to maintain overview within the timeframes needed for safe driving. Luckily it also brings a keen sense for detail and structure, both completely useless for driving though.

Besides all that, I am also active online on Github and Twitter .


Instead of just summarising my skills and expertises I visualised so they can be scanned and reviewed quickly. This way I can easily show what I am about.

  • 1 = Familiar with it, but it has been a while.
  • 2 = Have worked with it, in the past.
  • 3 = Fairly experienced in it.
  • 4 = Good at it.
  • 5 = Excellent at it.
Git flow: 3 Git flow End-to-end testing: 4 End-to-end testing Linting: 4 Linting GIT: 4 GIT SVN: 2 SVN Design Systems: 5 Design Systems
Design methods
Design Systems: 5 Design Systems Information architecture: 4 Information architecture Content management: 3 Content management Technical communication: 5 Technical communication Information design: 5 Information design Design Research: 4 Design Research Graphic design: 3 Graphic design Interaction design: 4 Interaction design A11y: 4 A11y
frontend tech
A11y: 4 A11y THREE.js (WebGL): 2 THREE.js (WebGL) GraphQL: 3 GraphQL React: 3 React D3: 5 D3 Vuex: 5 Vuex Vue: 4 Vue ES6: 4 ES6 LESS: 1 LESS SASS: 4 SASS CSS3: 5 CSS3 SVG: 5 SVG HTML5: 5 HTML5 Angular: 3 Angular