1. Choosing not to do something

    Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

    I want to argue that when presented with the idea or request to do something that sometimes it more worthwhile not to do it. Even when at first it seems worthwhile doing it.

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  2. Solving problems

    And ideas on how to do this effectively.

    In my work both as a software developer and a designer, I am constantly faced with problems that need to be solved. The kinds of problems range from small software bugs to deeper, more complex problems like a client who needs to have an easy way for their customers to interact with their scientific model. In those cases, I often wondered whether the way we were solving the problem was the right approach.

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  3. Lean organisations are fragile organisations

    Cover photo by Latit.

    What is lean?

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  4. Flowers and exploring symmetry

    In this post I wanted to explore the symetry in flowers.

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  5. Most Spoken Languages - a write up

    On 2019-12-30 I published a tool to help people understand which common languages are spoken where, called the most spoken languages.

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