Me wondering where the pteranodon went.

Hi, I am Sanne Peters

Online I go by the brand/username/pseudonym Sanstream.

I am a coder/designer with a heavy focus on UI components and DesignOps. I'm also passionate about information design, like data-visualisations.

In my off-time I make comics and other things.

In essence I am story-teller and someone who believes in the power of effective teamwork.

Feel free to take a look through my portfolio
or have a look at my CV.


Design is the main thing I do. A lot of it happens through code, but when needed they are graphics (like mock-ups).

  1. Documenting corporate style Bed & Breakfast Europe
    • graphic design
    • UI design
    • UX design
    • component based design
  2. Custom light-box
    • graphic design
    • UX design
  3. Planning tool
    • UX
    • interaction design
  4. Centennial poster
    • graphic design

Creative coding & visualisations

Creative coding is a hobby of mine and is my way of showing that code can produce artsy things. doing this I tend to use data as an inspiration and basis.

  1. Visualised poetry
    • creative coding
    • interaction design
  2. Mapping emotions
    • creative coding
    • data visualisation
  1. The Robot and the Butterfly
    Posted as part of comics

    On a dark dramatic background, a slender robot delicately holds a butterfly in his hand.

    During a (very interesting) tour in the Bonnefanten museum in Maastricht I got the inspiration to make this painting. For me it is about the constrast between the simple trust and feeling of safety of the butterfly and the curiousity of the robot and the seeming care it has for the animal.

    Paintings after all are just stories told with a single moment.

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