1. How this site was made

    The simple answer is "With HTML5, CSS and JavaScript." And that is true, but there is more. While designing and building this site I used a variety of special techniques and methods, which deserve some extra explanation.

    The design: Responsive, so content first!

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  2. A conversion diagram

    This is an example of what a conversion diagram looks like. The data visualized here is the product conversion of a fake small webshop.

    The first column represents the times a product is shown in the shop, the second how much it has been viewed by a customer and the third how many customers bought the product.

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  3. Little robot taking a stroll

    A little robot taking a stroll.

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  4. Father

    Peter stood in the elevator and looked up to the display above the doors. The number on the display said 3 and was sliding out of view to the number four.

    The elevator stopped and Peter sighed for moment. He never really liked this moment. The elevator doors opened to a hallway with weak TL-lighting. He stepped out and walked towards a large door at the right-side of the hallway. He grabbed the handle and openend the slightly heavy door.

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  5. For a can of sprite

    The lesson from this is that 7-Up is not the same thing as Sprite

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