1. The little troll

    Not so long ago, in a forest not so far away, lived a little troll.
    It was unknown were he came from how long he had lived there. The owls murmured about far away pine forests in the mountains, while mice squeaked about how he came from across the rivers. Every part of the forest and creature had its own story, but in thruth, no one really knew.

    The little troll lived in a remote corner of the forest. It's home was nothing more than two stone slabs pitched up against each other, covered with some dirt, moss and leaves to keep out the rain. The floor of his 'hut' was covered in leaves to keep him warm at night. All in all it was not much, but it was all he needed.

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  2. A solution to loneliness

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  3. How this site was made

    The simple answer is "With HTML5, CSS and JavaScript." And that is true, but there is more. While designing and building this site I used a variety of special techniques and methods, which deserve some extra explanation.

    The design: Responsive, so content first!

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  4. A conversion diagram

    This is an example of what a conversion diagram looks like. The data visualized here is the product conversion of a fake small webshop.

    The first column represents the times a product is shown in the shop, the second how much it has been viewed by a customer and the third how many customers bought the product.

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