1. A deer

    I saw this deer in a field nearby where people keep them as pets (I know...). But it was staring at me, to which I replied "Stop it!" But I kept on looking at me so I threatened to draw it and putting the drawing it on the internet.

    It did not even flinch.

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  2. Teddybear with an arm-gun

    Left for dead.

    The only way to save his life was to make him part stuffed animal, part robot.

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  3. Experiment: making a auqarel with acrylic paint

    Which works a bit. Not as good as I hoped though.

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  4. Experiment with noir

    I did some experimenting with noir comic drawing.

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  5. Samedi et Beaujoulais

    If I ever would make a comic in french I would probably call it something like this.

    And of course it would feature a flying pig, with a fierce stare.

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