1. The Dinosaur Diversion

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  2. Mapping human emotions

    I thought it would be fun to map the human emotions and see how they relate to each other, so I did. But what is it and what does it do? The three dimensional diagram shows 4 axis that each represent one of the basic four emotions (happiness, Fear/supprise, anger/disgust and sadness). Most emotions are can measured in severity of one of them. For instance disappoinment is anger at a low intensity, while rage is anger at a high intensity. Some however are composed out of 2 or 3 basic emotions. But hey, just take a look for yourself.

    You can rotate it, click on emotions and read more about them. Go ahead and try it.

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  3. Trust and pancakes

    Defining the relation between pancakes and trusting people...

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  4. A deer

    I saw this deer in a field nearby where people keep them as pets (I know...). But it was staring at me, to which I replied "Stop it!" But I kept on looking at me so I threatened to draw it and putting the drawing it on the internet.

    It did not even flinch.

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  5. Teddybear with an arm-gun

    Left for dead.

    The only way to save his life was to make him part stuffed animal, part robot.

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