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  1. Hiring a designer while being small
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    You have gotten beyond the step of knowing not to trivialise it, because you figured out you need this discipline in your company (read more about this). Hiring a designer to strenghten the design aspect of your company is hard. The only thing you know for sure is that you need it. Your website for instance needs more flair (but you do not know how) or somehow the user experience of your app is leaving something to be desired. Clients complain about the interface being slow or the webshop is loosing traffic. You've tried, but nothing seems to fix it.

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  2. Trivialising the importance of design
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    A common pitfall is trivialising the role of design within a company. A designer fills the void between the marketing and the physical creation of the product. A space that is hard to define, but the designer can define for it you. That is why you need him/her and will make up an integral part of your team.

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  3. Samedi et Beaujoulais
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    If I ever would make a comic in french I would probably call it something like this. Drawing of a flying pig with a girl on top

    And of course it would feature a flying pig, with a fierce stare.

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